Shipping methods

Shipments within Greece are made in two ways:

1. Transportation company

Shipping has to do with bulky parcels or bottles where the weight is enough and it is to the customer's benefit to be done with the specific shipping method. In these cases one of our partners will contact you (during the processing of your order) and will inform you about the shipping method.

*** Minimum charge € 4.00

2. Shipping by courier

Orders are shipped throughout Greece with Elta Door to Door. The shipping cost for 0-4 kg is € 4.00 and + € 1.00 for each additional kilo.

For payment by cash on delivery, the cost is € 1.50 in addition to the shipping cost.

For orders in inaccessible areas or remote islands, outside the Elta Door to Door courier service network, your order will be shipped to your nearest Elta Post office.

Transportation - delivery of products in Cyprus and abroad

Transportation of products in Cyprus and abroad is done with Elta Door to Door. Shipping costs are calculated based on the volume - weight of the products.

This service does not accept cash on delivery, payment must be made 2-5 days before the shipment of goods (count the days between until your transfer appears in our account).


Shipping terms

Receipts made from the store (during business hours) require the telephone notification of the representative of our company. is not responsible for delays due to external factors regarding the launch of its orders (strikes, problems with import delays, natural disasters or government decisions).

The products travel by order, on behalf of and at the responsibility of the customer. is not responsible for any loss of parcels or destruction of products during their transport. In case of destruction or loss, the transport company that undertook the transport is also responsible.


Keep in mind that the days leading up to the holiday season are quite busy due to the high volume of transactions and you should have more time for their receipts.