Payment methods

With payment in the store

You can pay at our physical store upon receipt, in cash (for amounts up to € 499), or by debiting your credit / debit card. For amounts over 499 € it is necessary to pay by bank deposit or by credit / debit card.


Payment through a bank account

You can pay for your order through a bank account. For your best service, please note your name in the deposit as the reason. According to the policy of the store, your order starts to be processed after the information from the bank of the payment order (within natural business hours). For payment orders from abroad, calculate the days between when your transfer will appear in our account.

*** For bank deposits please see the option where you are charged entirely the bank costs and not only the costs of your own bank.

Our bank accounts:

Piraeus Bank (ΛΑΤΤΟΥ ΕΛΕΝΗ)

IBAN GR 370171 8730 0068 7312 8095 921


Cash on delivery

You can pay for your order upon receipt by choosing the cash on delivery method. (Excludes bottles and bulk parcels, and applies only to courier shipments, not to shipments).

Orders over the amount of € 60.00 are not sent by cash on delivery.

The cost of the cash on delivery charge is € 1.50 in addition to an independent order amount.